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Building Projects

Under this programme Rātā Foundation provides grants for building projects which foster community connections, increase community participation, or are of regional significance.

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Special Funds

Our priorities

Our priorities are building projects which either:

  • Promote collaboration and multi-use spaces and have ongoing wide community use.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate our diverse communities, such as the arts, sports or youth sectors.
  • Protect and enhance the environment in which we live.
  • Recognise the special role that Marae play in supporting community cohesion.

What we will look at

  • Does the project have clear support from either local or regional stakeholders?
  • Does your organisation have strong governance capability to undertake the project and ensure its ongoing future viability?
  • What difference will your project make?
  • Does your organisation have controls in place to manage the grant?
  • How do you know there is a need for your project?
  • How are the community or people who use your service involved with or support your organisation or project?
  • To what extent do you work with other organisations to achieve your aims?
  • How will you learn about whether your project is meeting its intended outcomes?
  • How does your project, programme or service meet good practice or is it evidence based?

This is particularly important if your organisation is working with vulnerable people including children, young people, elderly people, disabled people, and people with mental health issues.

What we don't fund

There are some things Rātā Foundation does not fund, read our list of exclusions.

The application process

If your organisation is applying for $100,000 or less you need to apply under either our Small or Large Grants programmes.

If your organisation is applying for over $100,000 please contact one of our Community Engagement Advisors on 0508 266 878 before starting an application so we can talk you through what’s required.

Your proposal needs to clearly outline:

  • The funding level requested from Rātā Foundation.
  • Indication of support from your local council and other regional entities (as appropriate).
  • Confirmation of funds raised for the project.
  • Project timeline.
  • Project budget.

Before you apply, please:

For all enquiries with respect to Building Projects please contact our Community Investment Team.