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Performers at Christchurch Circus Trust flying high

Whether they’re balancing on stilts, walking the tightrope or high above the ground doing aerials – performers at the Christchurch Circus Trust always have smiles on their faces.

Circus performance helps develop co-ordination, agility, strength, balance and fitness, while also giving members a sense of belonging.

“We call it the circus fam,” says performer Kate Reynolds.

“It’s a bit cliché, but you do make a lot of friends, and it’s really fun.”

With a strong youth focus, the circus holds classes for young people each week, and have a troupe of senior students who perform at least twice a year.

Director Lisa Wingfield says the culture within the circus helps performers become aware of their physical self, their potential and their limitations to build confidence.

“It’s a community circus – it’s about building people up to have resilience, joy and confidence,” she says.

She also says the circus has something for everyone.

“Within each of the disciplines – whether it’s aerials, acrobatics or juggling – not just the strong and able can succeed, because there are always different ways to do things. It’s very inclusive.”

The Christchurch Circus Trust, formed in 2005, was funded through Rātā Foundation’s Support priority area.

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