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Connecting during COVID-19: Sport Tasman

Rātā Foundation loves hearing about all the ways community organisations are adapting to the changing COVID-19 Alert Levels and continuing to provide services and innovative initiatives online, and over the phone.

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One of the keys to maintaining a healthy mind and body is exercise.

The COVID-19 lockdown and changing Alert Levels have forced many sports groups and facilities to put on the brakes – but the team at Sport Tasman have launched a number of online initiatives to encourage people in the community to keep active.

Sport Tasman’s mission is to promote the 'more people, more active, more often' philosophy through quality facilitation and delivery of programmes throughout the Nelson/Tasman and Marlborough regions.

Sport Tasman Community Sport Manager Lesley McIntosh says when the team received news of the lockdown, they split into dedicated work streams, one of which was dubbed the Innovation Team.

The Innovation team decided the best channel of communication was via social media, thus bringing to life their ‘Inspire You’ video series.

She says Inspire You draws from the Te Whare Tapa Whā philosophy, which focuses on different aspects of physical and mental wellbeing.

Each video is full of tips themed around one of four topics: nutrition, social connection, mindfulness and connection with nature.

She says the series has had a positive response from the community, with people sending in pictures and videos of themselves practicing the activities and tips from the videos.

Sport Tasman Chief Executive Nigel Muir says collaborating with sporting organisations across the country has been a key part of being able to communicate how their services were changing through each Alert Level.

This has allowed Sport Tasman to host a number of resources and regular updates via their website to ensure the sporting community stays active, connected and informed.

Physical recreation and connection with those around us is an essential part of maintaining wellbeing, he says, and the team at Sport Tasman are working to ensure positive messages are being spread throughout the community.

Sport Tasman is funded under Rātā Foundation’s Participate focus area, which aims to enable people to maintain good health and positive wellbeing by engaging in sport and recreation.

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