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Big Brothers Big Sisters providing role models for youths

In 2018, the Big Brothers Big Sisters programme provided more than 700 young people with mentors.

The programme links youths up with a role model who can teach them valuable life skills and guide them into adulthood.

Big Brothers Big Sisters programme manager Chelsea Routhan said the service was helping to “change the course of young lives.”

“We match mentors with children in our community who for some reason need a positive role model in their life,” she said.

“It’s someone who is there to be their friend, do simple activities every day. It’s amazing for the little ones, the impact it has, but also for the mentors how rewarding it is.”

She said Big Brothers Big Sisters was important in instilling a sense of self-worth and determination in children.

“Every child has potential, but there are so many children that still need someone. Our mentors aren’t saviours, they’re just allies, but they’re there to bring out the potential in our little ones.”

“It’s amazing the difference they can make, they don’t create the potential, they defend it.”