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Michael Bendall

Michael is a partner in Christchurch-based law firm Corcoran French.  Michael started his legal career at another Christchurch law firm practicing litigation with an insurance law focus following the Christchurch earthquakes.  His area of law practice now includes general practice, commercial and business law, subdivisions, and property law.

He has previous experience on Boards and has put his love of rugby to good use a prior Chair of the Ellesmere Rugby Judiciary.

What motivated you to be involved with the Rātā Foundation Board?

Rātā provides an opportunity for the community and in particular our rangatahi (youth).  I am passionate about ensuring that all of our young people have the opportunity to explore pathways whether it be academically, culturally, or in sport.  I am extremely fortunate to have an opportunity to be involved in an organisation that makes a meaningful contribution to addressing social inequalities as Rātā does.   

What are you most passionate about supporting in the community?

I am passionate about people getting involved and taking opportunities.  Rātā assists to provide platforms to engage.  The work that Rātā does supports positive social change outcomes for communities.

What, to you, is one of Rātā Foundations’ greatest achievements and or projects?

Rātā is much more than a funder.  It walks alongside community groups and strives to see those groups develop and be sustainable in the long term.  Rātā offers genuine assistance to develop and grow capability within community organisations.  The impact Rātā makes goes well beyond the grants it can give.  As current Trustees of Rātā, we are fortunate to have a significant investment fund that will continue to support grants at sustainable levels for future generations.