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Whai Wāhi Mai


Through our funding we support more people participating in their local communities. 

Taking part in sport, recreation and cultural activities can help people to lead fulfilling lives. We recognise people participating in their communities can have benefits for our health and wider community wellbeing.

Our priorities

Our priorities are projects, programmes or services:

  • Improving wellbeing by removing barriers to participation in active recreation activities and sports
  • Creating opportunities for participation and learning in creative activities or heritage, culture and traditions
  • Enabling participation that reflects and recognises diversity
  • Enabling deeper understanding of tikanga Māori in arts, heritage and traditional tākaro

What we will look at

  • What difference will your project, programme or service make?
  • Does your organisation have the capability and capacity to deliver the project, programme or service?
  • How do you know there is a need for your project or organisation?
  • How are the community or people who use your service involved with or support your organisation or project?
  • To what extent do you work with other organisations to achieve your aims?
  • How do you learn about whether your programme is meeting its intended outcomes?
  • How does your project, programme or service meet good practice or is it evidence based? This is particularly important if your organisation is working with vulnerable people including children, young people, elderly people, disabled people, and people with mental health issues.
  • Do you have a need for our funding?
  • Read about our additional criteria for heritage projects.

How we Fund

Find out which Funding Programme best suits your project.

What we don't fund

There are some things Rātā Foundation does not fund, read our list of exclusions.


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