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Acknowledging your grant

We want people to know where Rātā Foundation funding is being spent in their community. By using our logo and recognising our funding, people can see Rātā Foundation has supported your work.

As part of your fundraising efforts, it is good practice to thank the people and funders who have supported your work. This helps to strengthen relationships and helps to let the community know who is supporting you.

There are many ways to thank donors and funders, including publicly acknowledging their support.

If you would like to thank Rātā Foundation for the support, you can acknowledge our funding by making our logo visible and acknowledging us in any promotional materials and at events.

You may have opportunities to acknowledge our grant in your marketing materials. This might include making sure our logo is on your website, media releases, Facebook and other social media, posters, programmes, flyers and other items which you produce.

Ways in which you can acknowledge your grant

  • Acknowledging your grant publicly means making our logo visible in public areas and including it in your promotional and online material where appropriate.

    This helps people see how Rātā Foundation funding is helping to provide community benefit across our funding regions.

    The Rātā Foundation logo can be used in a variety of places including:

    • Signage
      Plaques and signs are a good way of acknowledging your grant for the long term. We would like to see our logo displayed at every Rātā Foundation funded facility and event and on vehicles.
    • Promotional materials and publications
      Include our logo on any form of promotional and printed materials relating to your project, programme or service, for example: leaflets and brochures, printed and electronic newsletters, maps and posters, programmes, postcards, educational materials, guidebooks, annual reports and emails.
    • Advertising
      Use our logo whenever you advertise your project, programme or service funded by Rātā Foundation.
    • On your website and social media channels
      Use our logo on your website’s home page and link back to Rātā Foundation’s – Also incorporate our logo through your social media channels.
    • At events and openings
      Your Rātā Foundation grant can be acknowledged at any event which relates to an activity we have funded. You can use our banners – contact Use our logo in presentations, invitations and on programmes, brochures and other promotional materials.

    Be creative! We want you to use our logo imaginatively and in the best ways suitable for your project or programme. Find inspiration from others and share your creative ways to acknowledge your grant through Rātā Foundation’s Facebook page. To find out more or if we can help you in any way contact our Communications Manager.

  • To download a logo, right-click the image below and click 'save image as'.

    Rātā Foundation Logo

    You can also download these files as a PDF, Illustrator or large JPEG:

    Attachment Size
    Rātā Foundation Logo (PDF) 820 KB
    Rātā Foundation Logo (AI) 339 KB
    Rātā Foundation CMYK (Small Jpeg) 100 KB
    Rātā Foundation Mono CMYK (Sml Jpeg) 61 KB
    Rātā Foundation Mono RGB (PNG) 68 KB
    Rātā Foundation RGB (PNG) 68 KB
    Rātā Foundation Purple CMYK (Sml Jpeg) 103 KB
    Rātā Foundation Purple RGB (PNG) 68 KB
    Rātā Foundation Negative Mono RGB 20 KB
    Rātā Foundation Colour Specs document 20 KB
  • Behind every grant is a great story and we’d love to hear about and share the great work you are doing with our funding. Check out our community stories page here. We want to inspire others and pass on your learnings!

    If you would like us to tell your organisation’s story and the great work you are doing for and on behalf of your community contact our Communications Manager.

    Here are some questions to think about for our community stories:

    • How did the idea for the project come about? (Why do it? Who or what did you hope would benefit or be changed?)
    • The beginning: Who were the main champions who got it off the ground? Where did the help (or the barriers) come from?
    • What happened? (Were there surprises along the way? Unexpected challenges? Unexpected benefits?)
    • What will you most remember about it? Was there one incident or encounter or moment you won’t forget?
    • Looking back, was it worth everyone’s effort and investment? Why? What did you learn? What would you do differently next time?
    • Three pieces of advice to others planning a project like this?
    • Have you started taking photos and video clips along the way to visually illustrate your story?

    We will need you to provide with your story a great photo or photos or video illustrating your project or event. For reproduction we require high resolution photos which are at least 1.5MBs or 300dpi in size. For example if you are taking a photo on your phone, please send it through in actual size to ensure we get a high resolution copy.

    A posed photo of people looking at the camera doesn’t convey your project’s good work and are less likely to attract media attention. If you are doing any transformative work, such as creating a community garden, teaching kids fun new skills, film or photograph the progress and the change you’ve made.

    You must get consent for photos depicting any person under the age of 18 or vulnerable adults. Make it clear where the photographs or film will be used. You can download a consent form from our website here. Ensure the form is signed and dated.

  • Newspaper, radio, television and online coverage are an essential part of promoting your project and acknowledging your grant. Not only does it let people know about your success, it also brings to attention how Rātā Foundation’s funding is spent.

    We engage with the media regularly to tell our funding stories and have an extensive network. Real people and trends are the most interesting for readers.

    When dealing with the media in relation to your grant:

    • You must get in touch with our Communications Manager before you make a public statement or issue a media release about work we have funded. Please do not use our name before you have been formally notified you have received a grant.
    • After the announcement of your grant, you should keep our Communications Manager informed of any further media activities in relation to the grant. This can include writing articles, giving interviews or publishing media releases which refer to important stages in your project, such as milestones, events, awards.

    Please click here for an example media release template.

    We may be able to provide extra support and help in creating newsworthy events and ideas, so please get in touch with our Communications Manager.

  • As more and more Rātā Foundation grantees have an online presence, we want to see our funding acknowledged online too, including:

    • on grant recipients’ websites and blogs – ideally by placing on the home page and linking it to the Rātā foundation website –
    • on third party websites and blogs mentioning the Rātā Foundation funded project, programme or service.
    • in social media – by featuring our logo (e.g. on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, in Youtube or Vimeo videos), mentioning Rātā Foundation in narrative text and so on...
    • in mobile phone and tablet apps.
  • We would like you to acknowledge your Rātā Foundation grant at any event you host which relates to an activity we have funded.

    • As well as using our logo on printed publicity materials and presentations, your Rātā Foundation grant should be acknowledged verbally in any speeches or presentations, or when you explain what your project has achieved.
    • You must let us know when your event or opening is taking place and invite our representatives to attend. We would be happy to make sure our VIP guests make appropriate supportive speeches and add to your publicity in whatever way we can.
    • You can use our banners at your event – contact
    • Planning ahead together is the best way to make sure you and Rātā Foundation are happy with the outcomes of launch events and other celebrations in relation to your grant project, programme or service. Contact our Communications Manager to discuss.