• Through our funding we want people to feel connected to, supported by and involved in their community.

    Healthy communities have opportunities for people to interact, form relationships and share experiences. We recognise social connections can help to reduce isolation and build resilient communities.

    Our priorities

    Our priorities are projects, programmes or services which:

    • Provide social connection for isolated people.
    • Provide spaces where people connect and work together to improve their local area for example community gardens or community art projects.
    • Enhance or maintain community centres, hubs or marae and places where people of different ages can connect.
    • Revitalise and regenerate communities, spaces and places.
    • Foster a sense of community, and celebrate and share different cultures and traditions, through arts, cultures and heritage activities.
    • Ensure newcomers to our communities are connected with what they need to settle well.
    • Enable groups and sectors to work together to bring about positive change in their communities.
    • Enable local people to work together to develop a vision or plan which leads to action and change.
    • Increase the effectiveness of community organisations and social enterprises by providing capacity building support, including collaborative and partnership approaches.

    What we will look at

    • What difference will your project, programme or service make?
    • Does your organisation have controls in place to manage the grant?
    • Is your organisation able to deliver the project, programme or service?
    • How do you know there is a need for your project or organisation?
    • How are the community or people who use your service involved with or support your organisation or project?
    • To what extent do you work with other organisations to achieve your aims?
    • How do you learn about whether your programme is meeting its intended outcomes?
    • How does your project, programme or service meet good practice or is it evidence based? This is particularly important if your organisation is working with vulnerable people including children, young people, elderly people, disabled people, and people with mental health issues.

    Funding for building projects

    Capital expenditure, for example youth and community centres are considered under our Building Projects Programme.

    What we don't fund

    Check out our eligibility page for a full list of What We Do and Don’t Fund.

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