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    We aim to foster a positive context so organisations are able to operate within a supportive funding and policy context, which then endeavors to strengthen and support effectiveness and growth.

    Opportunities we are currently considering include:

    Multi-Year Funding Agreements

    We recognise providing certainty for organisations with long term funding can bring confidence, stability and support organisation’s ability to plan. With this in mind, we are introducing multi-year funding agreements for some organisations.

    To ensure this new practice aligns with our Investment Performance the total amount we can commit to these agreement in any financial year is up to 5% of our annual grants budget across our funding regions. Unfortunately, this means we do not have funding available to offer multi-year funding agreement to all organisations we support.

    Priority is given to organisations strongly aligning with our funding policies and our funding criteria. These will generally be organisations, which have been funded by Rātā Foundation for over several years and organisations are invited to apply. Organisations also have the choice as to whether they will take up this opportunity or not.

    We will continue to reflect on this process and the budgets we have available and as appropriate incorporate reviews in line with our policy review cycle.

    Becoming More Enterprising

    This small-scale fund recognises the current funding environment and a desire from community organisations to find more sustainable means of funding.

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