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Howie Timms

Howie works as General Manager - Commercial and Marketing for mutually owned banking institution Nelson Building Society (NBS).  He has over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry and currently oversees the larger debt and investment clients for NBS, along with sponsorship and communication responsibilities.  Before moving to the Nelson region, Howie lived in Melbourne for 12 years, employed by ME Bank which is owned by a group of large industry based superannuation funds.    

What motivated you to be involved with the Rātā Foundation Board?

Rātā strives to enhance the relationships and connections that bind us together as a society.  Those aspirations motivated me to join the Board.  I believe that everyone deserves equal social and economic opportunities, particularly those in greatest need.  I’m excited to work with the Board as they continue to deliver funding and grants that have long-term social impacts.  I also hope to support the strong team at Rātā Foundation as they strive to achieve long term and sustainable investment returns.

What are you most passionate about supporting in the community?

There are widening equality gaps in New Zealand that need to be addressed, particularly around housing.  We need to aid initiatives and projects that improve and increase the availability of adequate housing for those most in need.  At a grass roots level, I’m interested in supporting activities that support health and well-being, across all age-groups. 

What, to you, is one of Rātā Foundations’ greatest achievements and or projects?

Rata’s greatest achievement to me is the milestone they reached recently of distributing over $500 million in grants since inception and the massive difference that giving has made to our community.