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Māori Engagement Advisor

Hēmi Te Hēmi

Ko Tainui te Waka
Ko Kakepuku te Maunga
Ko Waipā te Awa
Ko Ngāti Maniapoto te Iwi
Ko Ngāti Rora te Hapū
Ko Te Tokanganui-ā-noho te Marae
Ko Te Rohe Pōtae te Papakainga

"Kia mau ki teenaa, Kai mau ki te kawau maro"

"Our future well being and destiny will be determined by the strength of our commitment to stand together united in spirit, mind and purpose.”

This Ngāti Maniapoto proverb describes the importance of being steadfast, similar to the hold fast of the swooping cormorant (kawau).

Hēmi is strongly connected to his Māoritanga and Rarotongan heritage – he loves spending time performing and supporting kapa haka and carving traditional and contemporary Māori designs created in wood, stone, and bone. With many strings to his bow, Hēmi is an avid illustrator and follower of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and voracious reader of sci-fi fantasy such as Eddings, Feist, Williams, Jordan, and Heitz. Knowing that physical strength contributes to overall wellbeing, he is a gym regular who loves lifting weights. For Hēmi, the work of Rātā Foundation has always inspired him through its commitment and support of community values that resonate with him. He is incredibly excited about how he can contribute to his role through a kaupapa Māori lens and learn from Rātā colleagues building on the mahi they’ve established. Before Rātā Hēmi had the privilege of providing professional supervision to Youth Workers, business coaching advice to Whānau Ora enterprises, and cultural mentoring and guidance to a range of organisations - joining Rātā Foundation is like the perfect job for him. Hēmi says to be part of the Rātā whānau is an incredible opportunity that will allow him to further connect with people, whānau and the wider community and enable these extraordinary leaders to continue building strong, thriving and connected communities.

Email: Hēmi Te Hēmi

DDI: 03 335 0307

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