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Anne-Marie Kite

Anne-Marie has a leadership background and engages with communities through work in education, local government, community, and business sectors in Christchurch.  In recent years she has held governance roles with charities operating in the areas of social services and health and well-being.  She is a people person who enjoys the challenges of strategic thinking and implementing change and development.

What motivated you to be involved with the Rātā Foundation Board?

I was drawn to Rātā because it is a core enabler and investor in our community, providing momentum, funding, and support for diverse organisations.  The Rātā objectives of connect, collaborate and transform align with my philosophy and outlook on life.   From experience, I know the vast impact that Rātā funding has on communities and turning individual lives around for the better.

What are you most passionate about supporting in the community?

I am most passionate about making a difference through awareness, education, and innovation by providing the community with opportunities to grow and make a change.   Our environment and how we treat it and work within it are important to me. I am also highly supportive of initiatives in community health that support and enable those living with chronic disabilities and illnesses to engage in an active and fulfilling life.

What, to you, is one of Rātā Foundations’ greatest achievements and or projects?

Rātā’s reputation and ability to engage in and adapt to changes in economic and societal conditions are core to its strength and relevance and is in itself an outstanding achievement.