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Lana Shields talks impact with LinC

Rātā Foundation has been working alongside LinC (Leadership in the Community) to bring you stories of positive impact in our communities.

The LinC project helps connects leaders in the community, so they can support, inspire and push each other. It is an engaging learning experience, reflecting together with peers and bringing new perspectives to your leadership and communities.

Specifically designed for the leader in the community keen to develop and grow, and keen to sustain some good initiatives that you may have been involved with. 

Event Coordinator Lana Shields opens up about how LinC helped her through her journey from being behind the scenes to the skilled team leader, presenter, and coordinator she is today. LinC gave Lana the confidence to step outside of her comfort zone and realise her full potential.

“Now I see myself as a leader, I lead events, I lead meetings and It has really changed my life, I just feel like I can do anything now it has given me so much confidence.”

Watch the video below to hear more about how LinC positively impacted Lana and helped her develop her leadership skills, and much more.For more information about LinC visit