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Henry Jaiswal talks impact with LinC

Rātā Foundation has been working alongside LinC (Leadership in the Community) to bring you stories of positive impact in our communities.

The LinC project helps connects leaders in the community, so they can support, insipire and push each other. It is an engaging learning experience, reflecting together with peers and bringing new perspectives to your leadership and communities.

Specifically designed for the leader in the community keen to develop and grow, and keen to sustain some good initiatives that you may have been involved with. 

Rātā sits down with Henry Jaiswal, General Manager for The Canterbury Migrants Center to reflect on his experience with LinC and to talk about what had a positive impact him. Henry opens up about his background and past challenges, while highlighting the diversity and safety LinC has to offer.

“The diversity is amazing it’s a safe environment, People are vulnerable about having that safe space to be vulnerable, I really, believe that its empowered myself and my life as well.”

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