Mahi tahi

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    Meaning “the action of working with a person or group in order to achieve or produce something”

    Rātā Foundation aspires to be a leader in continuously improving funding practice in the communities it serves. One way we can achieve this is through collaboration, either by entering funding partnerships or by building on the learning from projects we have funded.

  • Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success

    Henry Ford
  • We are continually exploring the potential to work with other funders and organisations to create sustainable streams of funding and deliver more impact to the communities we serve.

    Alongside our own collaborative efforts we encourage our stakeholders to be aware of other organisations they could benefit from working with. We will value those which have effective collaborative arrangements which identify particular needs and work to deliver lasting and cost effective outcomes.

  • Examples of Collaborative Partnerships

    The Rātā Foundation talks with George Shaw

    George Shaw of the Rise Street Art Festival

    The Rātā Foundation talks with Julie McCloy

    Julie McCloy of AVIVA on social services

    The Rātā Foundation talks with Kay Fletcher

    Kay Fletcher of Comcare Charitable Trust on social housing