Mona Contractor Grants Advisor

What motivated you to join Rātā Foundation?

I jumped at the chance to work with Rātā Foundation because I knew of their reputation as a leader in the philanthropic sector and their commitment to support endeavours that work towards positive community change. 

What are you personally most passionate about in supporting the community?

I am passionate about people and communities.  I want to see a world that is equitable and just, where all people, regardless of their background, have access to services as and when they need them. 

What do you find most rewarding aspect of your work at Rātā Foundation?

I have the privilege to learn about the amazing projects and the awesome people that are part of them.  It’s both exciting and humbling. 

What gets up to and off to work in the morning?

There are many reasons why I get up and head off to work - being part of a fab team that works towards a shared vision; constantly learning and through it all having fun.



DDI: 03 335 3095 Ext 219