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    We aim to support organisations to access organisational, professional or leadership development opportunities to enhance their effectiveness.

    Opportunities we are currently considering include:

    Partnership Approaches

    We are developing partnership approaches in each of our funding regions to support organisational capacity in areas identified as important in those communities.

    In Canterbury, we have committed to continuing to support the LinC project. The vision of LinC is to support people working in local communities to be Thriving Leaders Active in their Communities.

    In Nelson, governance support was identified as a key priority for the community sector through our Social Services Scan [LINK} and through the Community and Whānau meetings in Nelson / Tasman.

    Rātā Foundation and Nelson City Council have recently commissioned research to build a better understanding of current needs and challenges for the community sector and once completed this research, along with input from the community, will inform an approach, which will aim to strengthen governance capacity in Nelson.

    We are currently working with partners in Marlborough to determine local needs and priorities.

    Support to Individual Organisations

    Through our engagement with funded organisations, we may identify potential areas for development. These might be a strength which needs further support or is a current challenge for the organisation.

    We will endeavour to work alongside these organisations to explore what capacity building opportunities could support them to work on these specific areas, and together develop a plan to address these. A small level of funding may be available to support this work and this funding would be considered outside an organisation’s business as usual funding.