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Kia Rite Hoea Workshops 2021

Capacity Building

Come to a workshop and receive the Kia Rite Hoea guide. This guide is a great resource for anyone organising community recreation, arts activities, programmes and events. Kia Rite Hoea will help you put your idea into action.

What does Kia Rite Hoea mean?

It is the phrase that waka ama/canoe paddlers use and translate to 'get ready...paddle'. We have used it here as a metaphor to describe the purpose of this resource - to help you to get your programme, event or activity ready to take off!

If you want successful and accessible recreation opportunities for everyone in your community, then Kia Rite Hoea is for you. The tools in Kia Rite Hoea are user-friendly, ready to use immediately and will save you many hours of research and indecision.

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Multiple dates between 23 June - 26 October


Multiple Locations across Christchurch City