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Toni Grant

Toni is self-employed and a Chartered Accountant by trade, assisting her clients to grow their businesses through collaboration in a financial and environmentally sustainable way.

As well as being a Trustee of Rātā Foundation, Toni chairs an Iwi Settlement Entity and is a director of Kotato, a joint venture fisheries organisation.

Toni is a solo Mother of primary aged children and a fanatical supporter of sport at all levels, believing strongly in the difference participation in sport can make in young peoples lives.  She cites sport as being a huge influence on her own life in terms of the skill set and values she has gained.  Toni says sport teaches teamwork, trying your best, how to deal with both success and failure, empathy, support for diversity, along with encouraging volunteering.

What have been some of the highlights of your role as Trustee of Rātā Foundation?

Being around the Board table has opened my eyes to the breadth of work Rātā Foundation is involved in through its grants framework across the four funding regions and it is a privilege to be involved in the decision-making process.

What motivated you to be involved with the Rātā Foundation Board?

I want to play my part in protecting and growing a putea for the future and balancing that with meeting the needs of our communities today through our grants.   I am looking forward to being involved with the Foundation's Maori and Pasifika Strategy and contributing to its objective of developing a richer understanding of, and relationship with, these two unique communities.

I am looking forward to supporting volunteers and organisations whose mahi or work has the greatest multiplier effect in the community.  

What are you most passionate about in supporting the community?

I am really passionate about supporting the most vulnerable members in our communities.  It is exciting to be involved with Rātā Foundation who actively aim to be a catalyst for healthy, happy and prosperous communities.  

To me, it is about being part of a moment in someone’s life, seeing first-hand the significant difference our grants can make to their current circumstances, their outlook on life and the future.  It’s also about facilitating access for our children to be involved in activities, whether it is sport, arts, music, academia or crafts, which will help them thrive and grow.