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Chief Investment Officer

Murray Lapworth

Murray enjoys continuous improvement of our globally diversified investment portfolio as a Responsible Investor incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance factors to ensure sustainability.  Achieving sustainability includes reducing carbon intensity and emphasising renewable opportunities, so the portfolio is compatible with restricting climate change.

The fruit of these labours provides the golden eggs to resource community groups to create inter-generational social development.

To contribute to social infrastructure Murray is also an Advisory Committee Member of the Morrison & Co Public Infrastructure Partners Funds.  These Funds have invested over $3 billion in a range of social infrastructure assets, such as schools, convention centres, student accommodation, healthcare facilities, and roads via a public-private partnership model.

He is grateful to his wife of over three decades and proud of his three children.  They tolerate his active lifestyle, including swim, bike, run, aka triathlon to Ironman (including World Championships), but now mainly cycle events.

Email: Murray Lapworth

DDI: 03 339 5994

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