Glennis's Story

“I’m hooked on it and love meeting new people through my role. The look on people’s faces stays with me as they arrive to what seems like one big secret which unfolds to the visitor.”

Her involvement with the Museum spans twenty-nine years and she loves having the opportunity to be part of an organisation which is bringing heritage assets to life for future generations to enjoy.

Over that time the Museum has weathered many devastating natural disasters, including the 1993 flood and 2016 earthquakes. The Museum is housed within the new Civic Centre and Glennis says opening its doors two days after the earthquakes is took passion and determination by the staff and volunteer team.

The new Kaikoura Museum offers a state-of-the-art visual journey through the district's past, and will be a major land-based attraction for the town.

The journey starts with the sea, with impressive new underwater footage of Kaikoura's koura, paua and other seabed creatures, moving through to the creation of the Kaikoura canyon and mountain range.

Kaikoura's famous dinosaurs, the plesiosaur and mosasaur, feature next, from where the journey moves through the whaling times, fishing industry, and the introduction of different transport methods through to the construction of the railway.

Glennis says the new Museum reaches out and brings in the whole community, with support and membership growing.

“I love as a community we are encouraged to participate – people love bringing in their family stories and seeing them evolve into part of the Museum’s history. We are helping people into the heritage, culture and traditions of their community, enabling future generations to engage in Kaikoura’s history and then sharing that with the world.”

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